2017: The Year of Enough

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 2, 2018

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“You have a beautiful brain. Now use it.”
Self-examination leads to careful conversations
So ready to own my part, never expecting some won’t
I have had enough

Notifications drain before the sun rises
Emails beckon, ever unanswered
Procrastination becomes art
I give enough

Simple nouns give me pause
Distraction becomes de rigueur
Sober vomiting in the nighttime
My body cries enough

Dogs don’t walk themselves
Sweater swatches multiply
Therapy and an odd chore
Am I doing enough?

Heat wafts out of the oven
Pulling bread from its belly
Soup steam carves its initials in the cold air
I have enough

The quiet voice of the wind
Murmuring in the trees
Waldfee in my peripherals
I am enough

schwarzwald schnee

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In my third year of sobriety, I wrote about how much confidence I found through lucid living. This past year has been a complete test of that. There has been so much I have wanted to write about, and I have even gotten as far as finishing drafts for my blog, but somehow, for some reason, I just could not bring myself to finish them.

I can wager at the biggest thing: I took a new job as Head of Digital for a skincare firm close to Freiburg. I knew this would be a challenge, moving into a higher level of management, but I really believed I could thrive back in marketing.

After a year-long stint back in journalism, it became obvious to me that not much had changed, and if anything, the accountablitiy to the advertisers (as opposed to the readers we claim to serve) has gotten more intense. Marketing seemed more my speed–at least I could be transparent in what I was doing. Hey! I am selling you something! And the fact that I was going to be instrumental in creating an online shop, shaping marketing and social media strategy and tracking our progress excited me.

What I should have prepared myself for was what I had an inkling about beforehand: Working in the beauty industry, a branch of the consumer industry that profits from telling people, “There is something wrong with your face.” But I told myself that I was being cynical. I like to look pretty. I enjoy putting on makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed up, so why shouldn’t I enjoy working for a company that helps make that happen?

I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t love the occasional done-up selfie?

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I wrote an open letter awhile back to folks who wanted to leave the United States if Trump was elected. One of the reasons I cited to not leave was heartbreak from afar. And after only one week, I can promise that is absolutely true. But there is more. Weird feelings I never considered have surfaced, and I think they’re worth sharing.

us flag

Like catching a glimpse of a flag and thinking it was American. Unlikely in Deutschland.

I hope you find my perspective worthwhile, and I would love to hear other Americans’ experiences living abroad during this time. [click to continue…]


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