A new phone

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 15, 2006

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Finally! I got a new cell phone. Yes, I have joined the new millenium. I am not even kidding. I had it for a long time, and Dave had it before that. Yikes.

But (and I know I’m not the only one) I miss my old phone. I don’t have the same ring — so obnoxious and so fun to dance to. Now, whenever my phone rings I think, “Geez, someone needs to answer their phone … oh wait.” And I feel like a big idiot.

And one other thing: Do NOT go to the Sprint store on West Lake Street. Wow, did they make me upset. When we picked out our phones, Stewart (our not-so-helpful salesman) told us it would take 10-15 minutes to transfer numbers. We left and returned in said time, to which he said it would be about 10 more minutes, clocked out and left! Yeah, thanks Stu. After about 25 minutes, Dave went to the back and the “manager” told us it would be at least an hour. He said he didn’t know why Stu would have said differently. Funny, we heard another sales person tell someone else 20 minutes, so we knew everyone there was full of it. Dave had to work so I took my phone and said I would do it manually. Good thing there was a baseball game on TV. So next time we need to go to the Sprint store, we will be heading to Edina.

But, I have a new phone. And I will slowly learn to love it, I’m sure.

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