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by Rebecca A. Watson on September 19, 2006

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September 18, 2006 – Monday

It is pretty widely known (at least within the service industry) that people tend to say things that aren’t true or that they have no intention of actually doing when they are drinking. Whether it is “We should have lunch tomorrow” or “Tom Cruise is my uncle, and I want to give you a million dollars,” it happens quite often.

So imagine my surprise when a man told me that he owned the Crocs company and that he just moved into the area and is trying to get restaurant workers to wear them. The premise made little sense until he told me they just made a lace-up version of the shoe. I told him I would wear the shoes because the sandals are extremely comfortable, albeit quite ugly. He then assured Marcy and me that he would send us two pairs of the shoes for free. Hmm. Now I begin to see this for what it really is.

Well, a quick Internet search reveals that there is no Paul who was involved in the beginning of Crocs. I tell myself that maybe he got into the business later, or he was exaggerating a bit. But there is no evidence online of a tragic death of one of the investors either, which he was upset about. But I feel kind of bad doubting something like a person’s death. Finally, there doesn’t seem to be any lace-up Crocs on the company’s Web site. Well, I guess that’s it — just another drunk story. So why am I still hoping to get some free shoes?

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