by Rebecca A. Watson on September 20, 2006

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September 19, 2006 – Tuesday

My cute 1-year-old nephews are coming to visit today and tomorrow. I can not wait! I will definitely put a photo or two up on MySpace. Apparently they are talking to each other in their own language, (they are twins) which I’m excited to hear.

They are still pretty small but can crawl all over the place and walk with something to steady them.

Whenever I am going to see them I have dreams about being an irresponsible aunt. I just had a dream where I was driving with Bryce on my lap, a la Britney Spears! Freaky! I think babies bring that out in a lot of people, though — the worry that you aren’t responsible enough or don’t know what you’re doing. My sister told me when she first had them she would have dreams where she had lost them. How frightening! But we are a family with weird dreams; at least the sisters are.

I’m off to see my nephews! Yay!

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