Delayed and hampered excitement

by Rebecca A. Watson on October 6, 2006

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October 5, 2006 – Thursday

I don’t even want to talk about the last two days of my life because, yes, I was at the Dome and saw my first live in-park homerun. Blech! But onward to Oakland to sweep the A’s! Yes … excellent. Then what will I do with my Game 5 tickets? I can’t go. Anybody want them?

Anyway, although I don’t want to talk about the last two days of my life, I must. Because in these two days two wonderful things happened. I was offered and accepted a job managing an insulation construction company. It’s full time and I work from home most days. I did some work like this about seven years ago and really liked it. I must say I am thrilled.

And … Dave and I are buying a house!!!!!!!!! Yes! Pending inspection and appraisal, it is ours. Thank goodness. Robbinsdale here we come.

And so, although bad things had to happen, two superb things came along to counter my absolute depression about the Twinkies. Because of that, I will cheer with renewed spirit. Go Twins!

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