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by Rebecca A. Watson on October 3, 2006

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October 2, 2006 – Monday

Saturday night I was being a little demanding. There was an extra Twins ticket floating around work and I wanted it! I realize that I have been to a bazillion games this season, but it was our last chance to win the division: I had to be there! Finally, my coworkers saw the light and gave me the ticket. Thank God!

I can’t explain the magic that ensued inside that Dome. I have never felt like that before. And I couldn’t believe I was part of that dramatic end of an already dramatic season. (For those who don’t know what happened: The last game of the regular season was Sunday. The Twins had to win and Detroit had to lose — to the Royals — in order for the Twins to be division champions.

This was highly unlikely. But the Twins won, and KC staged a ridiculous comeback, beating the Tigers in extra innings in Detroit! About 35,000 fans stayed in the Dome and watched the end of the game and the Twins celebrate. I was one of them!) Totally sweet. And now tomorrow and Wednesday I will be completely irresponsible, blow off work and go to the playoff games. Yes! I can’t wait.

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