My first California memory… the In-N-Out Burger!

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 20, 2006

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November 19, 2006 – Sunday

Most people know I am a huge Big Lebowski fan. We got in to San Fran and were really hungry but didn’t want to sit down because of a certain family we were going to see (read–my nephews). I had a brilliant idea! The In-N-Out Burger!

OH DELICIOUS BURGER!! The bun is so soft (and cooked everyday fresh!) and there is onion, tomato and lettuce with super-yummy sauce. If you haven’t eaten one of these cheeseburgers, you must. Especially for $3. I’m not kidding.

Tomorrow I go check out the biggest trees in the world. I am a big tree hugger, so expect a new picture soon! I can’t wait to be humbled by one of my favorite plants. Yes!

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