New Year! What’s your resolution?

by Rebecca A. Watson on December 31, 2006

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December 30, 2006 – Saturday

Anyone else love that anticipation that New Year’s eve brings? That’s what I thought. Let me say that all I remember are fights, drunken idiots, bad service and empty wallets after five years of New Year’s eves where I could legally drink. (I worked one year until 2 a.m., and that was the most memorable New Year’s eve I have had!)

This year Dave and I didn’t really make plans. We are going to a dinner party and ringing in the New Year in our new house. Yes! Cheap champagne and bad TV. I can’t wait.

I have two resolutions this year. (I am proud to say that after four years of making flossing my resolution, it finally stuck.) One is to be kind in small ways — the whole random acts of kindness thing. The other is to start writing a book. What journalism graduate doesn’t want to write a book? Most likely a service-industry piece. Non-fiction. I have some ideas, but I welcome any others! Let me know…

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