Day one of being unplugged

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 17, 2007

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May 16, 2007 – Wednesday

I shut off my phone at 8am yesterday morning. I came to realize that maybe I should just shut it off while I am at work and leave it at home whenever I go anywhere. For a week. It seemed more realistic, especially since no one knows my work number. My family had to call Dave to get in touch with me. So, day one and day two are going OK, although I had to revise my plan.

I felt a little weird when I shut off my phone. Really not as freaked out as I thought I was going to be. Here is when I freaked out: when I turned on my phone and had 3 messages. For some reason that really made me anxious. Maybe the whole idea of actually having people waiting on me…huh. It’s a thought.

Also, I read an article in the paper about how more and more people are shifting to cell phones and not having a land line.

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