It’s an intervention!

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 15, 2007

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May 14, 2007 – Monday

Seriously now. You know what you’ve been doing. Interrupting meals with family, creating rifts with friends, distracting you at work. It is time to face the hard facts–you are addicted to your cell phone. Denial is the first step toward acceptance. Let’s work together.

While I was lamenting about how time is a non-renewable resource, I couldn’t help but notice that our cell phones are permanently glued to us. We can’t even go to sleep without knowing where they are (shouldn’t that be our children?).

On the flip side, we are frustrated when we can’t reach a person or if someone doesn’t call us back immediately. We are becoming more impatient.

My challenge for myself is to spend one day without my cell phone. I am going to shut it off. And not turn it back on until the following day. We shall see how it turns out. So, if you intend to call me on Tuesday, May 15, I will not be answering!

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