Time: a non-renewable resource

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 10, 2007

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May 9, 2007 – Wednesday

When I was in college and working two or three jobs, I could understand that I didn’t have any free time. That’s fine. It was a sacrifice, and I was willing to make it. Hell, I was happy to do it!

What I want to understand is why, when I have only one full-time job, do I suddenly have so much to do and no time to do it in? Is it kind of like when a person gets a raise and they immediately figure out a way to increase what they spend? I think it may be in the same vein.

Now I must look over my life and decide what is really important and what is frivolous. I want to work on our home–that is important. (Sidenote: the carpet and paint is done in the bedroom. Sweet!) I like working at the restaurant, and the money I make lets me work on the house. So what is sucking away all my time? Taking on too many things at once? That might be it. At work I only tackle two or three things a day. That way it gets done. Hmm…might be a good way to go about my to-do list.

Any other ideas about getting more time out of your time? (Short of consuming far too much Red Bull and not sleeping!)

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