Bread and circuses

by Rebecca A. Watson on June 8, 2007

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June 27, 2007 – Wednesday

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I’m taking a break today from my normally mild-mannered blog to bring you a rant–because you can never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Today I am greeted with some information about Paris Hilton’s “post-prison look.” I got the first glimpse. What I saw was frightening, and I’m not just talking about Paris Hilton.

Is there some reason that we need Paris Hilton to be in our news? The people pages, tabloids? Sure. And I’m not saying everyone doesn’t deserve a guilty pleasure. (full disclosure: Best Week Ever on VH1 is mine.)

But do I really need to find out that Paris Hilton took off from jail while I was watching Sports Center in Vegas?!? No, I do not. I need to know whether the Twins are winning and what the latest K.G. trade rumors are. Do I need to read about it again when I come home from vacation–on the front page of the Star Tribune? This prompted my first-ever letter to the editor of my beloved paper. Isn’t there something going on that better belongs on the front page? I could think of a few things.

Why is there such a stir about this? And more importantly, what does this say about the priorities of many people in this country and in the news media? (The old art/life imitation conundrum.)

(And for all you A.P. style crazies out there: Isn’t it annoying how they used prison in the incorrect way just for some lame alliteration?)

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