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by Rebecca A. Watson on June 23, 2007

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June 22, 2007 – Friday

Current mood: crazy

I am going through serious podcast withdrawl as my computer is in the shop getting fixed. I don’t want to subscribe with my other computer because I only listen to it on my iPod and I don’t have the patience to figure out how to add a podcast to my ipod without erasing everything else on it if I synch it to another library. Grrr. Too annoying.

There are certainly a lot more things to be annoyed at now that technology is everywhere. Is there ever a time of day where you aren’t being touched by it? I think the only time for me is when I am outside reading a book or visiting with friends. But we got together by talking over the phone or with email…does that count? I guess I really can’t complain. For all the ills of technology, it sure makes life a lot easier and me a lot lazier!

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