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by Rebecca A. Watson on July 4, 2007

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July 3, 2007 – Tuesday

Current mood: chipper

I’m not sure what it was about today, but I felt like a kid about 100 times over. I rode the bus and felt self-concious about where I was going, but in an exciting way–like if it went the wrong way it wouldn’t matter because I could figure it out. I walked in the rain without a care. I sped down the bike trail at warp speeds, pushing myself up and down hills with reckless abandon. I smelled fireworks. I watched an 11-year-old girl throw her bats after little league. The neighbor girl and I chased my cats in the dirt. The neighbor boys called to us from across the street.

Now I am beat and I need a bath! Ha! I wonder how often this stuff happens and I don’t notice it.

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