April Wishes (or alternatively, My Torrid Love Affair with Baseball…)

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 16, 2007

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September 15, 2007 – Saturday

I can’t even being to explain how excited I am about tomorrow. I am going to watch baseball!!!!!!!!!! It’s a wonder I made it through this summer. Last year at this time, I had about 30 games under my belt. This year, I am ashamed to say I barely made it to the double digits! What is wrong with me? Pretty sure my sis (a bigger Twins fan than me) not being here has something to do with it.

Otherwise I have no excuse. I was working all nights last year — somehow I managed to be all over the Twinkies schedule. Maybe it had something to do with Lewwwww being on DL for the first part of the season and then to the minors. Ouch. I watched all season on the TV, but I feel kinda like a fair-weather and that is just sick. It’s not true…

In all my excitement for October (fully accepting MN’s fate) I have forgotten about the fact that my season is limited. Oh! I am about to be in tears. You mean there won’t be a game on four nights and two days a week? What? How will I exist?

OK Becca, let’s try not to be too dramatic. You made it through last year’s off-season. Football eases the blow a bit. All that bull-shit I wrote about being OK with summer being over is coming to slap me in the face. Thank God for April…my birthday and my boys are playing again.

But listen to me! I act like there aren’t more games to watch! What a silly girl I am…there is so much more to the fall. There are still a few games left and I MUST be there to say goodbye. And then comes fun! Beer, bars and baseball. Amazing how well that alliteration goes together.

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