August 8th was a beautiful day

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 19, 2007

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September 18, 2007 – Tuesday

It amazes me the perceptions people have about me. I know this sounds really self-centered, and perhaps it is, but it only begs the question: What kinda vibe am I giving off?
There are two schools of thought I get: I am super-innocent –or– I am a hippie.

Shall we dispel these rumors?

The innocent part is all in the eye of the beholder. Who am I to change anyone’s opinion of me when it comes to that? It’s far too much fun to just be myself and watch their reaction.

As far as being a hippie, I guess there are so many parts to that equation. I would like to think my attire doesn’t indicate it nor do my extra-curricular activities…however, I do worship the sun and enjoy listening to Led Zepplin. What does that even mean?!

And then I have friends who ask, “Why is it an insult to be called a hippy?” Of course all of said friends are indeed hippies. And then I have to ask myself, Why? Is it the years of brainwashing all of my punk-rock friends and boyfriends have done? I think this is the easiest area to place the blame. Why is it that punks hate hippies? And then I am lead back into the gross-ness that is high school.

So how about this? Who cares what we all are? How about: I am me? I guess it leads back to the idea that there is no way to classify one person into a certain category. Sort of that whole “The Breakfast Club” mentality, right?

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