Halloween costumes in Walgreens affect me

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 10, 2007

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September 9, 2007 – Sunday

Gross, it’s September. OK we all knew it was coming. I will try to keep it short. For the first time in about five months, listening to The Cure actually depresses me.

I like to use that band as a barometer. When the sun beats down and the mercury approaches 70 F, they make me jam and smile and all those really obnoxious things I do when I dig a song.

But when the sun starts rising after 7am and I have to wear a sweater, those songs get tucked away like all my cute shoes…if I were to see/hear them, I would surely go into a state of severe depression.

OK, it’s not that bad yet. BUT WHY???? Why don’t I live in Hawaii? Why do I have to torture myself? Well, I suppose I wouldn’t have as much to write about…

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