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by Rebecca A. Watson on September 24, 2007

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September 23, 2007 – Sunday

I got a little misty-eyed this afternoon. You know: a beautiful 80-degree day in September, the last home game of the season, Twins beat up on the Sox, and most likely Torii’s last game in the Dome. *sob* I was surprised I got so emotional. Then again, I did tear up while reading an interview with him waxing sentimental earlier in the season. I’m not too happy with his last at-bat, but that’s neither here nor there. Can’t get too hung up on petty little details right? (Though, for the record, Ozzy Guillen can kiss my ass.)

The funny thing is that I have been so keen on setting on my sights on certain things that I have had my blinders on to so many other things. There is still a week left in the season to watch my Twins. (I’ve been so obsessed with the last home game and October.) This is true on a larger scale as well. Amazing how often you miss the things you walk past. I ask, where is the balance? Where is the line between distracted and diversified? Is it OK to have something going on all the time? Idle hands, right?

I have decided it is a skill to be able to relax. There are definitely people who over-do it; there are always those with natural talents who never practice and take it for granted. It takes a lot to get me in front of a TV without about four other things going on: blogging, cleaning, reading, sorting through my lists, whatever it might be.

There are other people out there like me, I know it! Your brain won’t slow down, sleep is almost impossible, Red Bull is always a bad idea (good lord, is it ever!) and you’re never satisfied. Well, almost never. But then, not for very long.

A woman told my sister that if you have this type of personality, “You’re screwed.” I beg to differ, but I do need to practice relaxing. Not sure if that’ll happen this week, but I’ll give it a try.

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