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by Rebecca A. Watson on September 12, 2007

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September 11, 2007 – Tuesday

My sister called me in the middle of work today. I jumped up and down and screamed like a little girl…not sure if my co-workers have seen that side of me yet. But most likely they have.

It had been a month since we had spoken on the phone. After freaking out, “I miss you!!” about ten times, I started talking about how it was only 11 months until she comes home, which is why this September is so great. Well, I think she might be staying a little longer than 11 months.

I am slowly coming to realize that my sister will not be as close (in proximity) to me as she was when we were going to college. I was willing to deal with this for a little while by simply not thinking about it. (Hey! It works!) But what does someone do when someone you love is so far away and intends to stay there for some time? Visit…of course. Move there? Out of the question. Deal? I suppose. Bummer.

I am trying to think of a way that I can be optimistic about this: my curse. Laura always gets me the greatest things from everywhere in the world, so I will have great clothes. Plus (oh! I totally forgot about this!) she is leaving all of her clothes and shoes here…Oh I love her clothes. I guess it’s an alternative to her. It reminds me of her anyway.

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