"Shh! This is serious!" (Bingo)

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 8, 2007

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September 7, 2007 – Friday

Isn’t it interesting how the way someone says something can influence how you interpret or even remember a certain phrase? The inside jokes are always an example, but how about the weird shit that people say in a certain way that just cracks you up–and when anyone else says it or even some variation, you can’t hear it any other way. And you can’t help but laugh to yourself…

Of course, I have plenty of examples, but none of which I have recorded so as to show the humor. But, what the hell? Might as well write them down for my own amusement:

“Have a good eve.” — Nate Oliver–those who know him know this phrase too well, and it sure makes me crack up.

“B-7” — The bingo dude at the Crystal VFW–really? How can you speak so clearly and not be able to enunciate the “seven” in this particular phrase?

“Hot hammy sammy!” — Tim Busch — everything to do with an elementary school principal and school lunch. And I stomp my feet on the ground I am laughing so hard.

“Hello my frien … do you like my bah-dee?” — Whipper — I don’t know that I have even heard him say this, but the impressions are delightful.

“To-nie! I’ll have a mocha-frapaccino-latte-cafe…oh dude, my socks don’t match, but I’m making a statement.” — Dave — on the many uber-liberal, hippy-esque idiots living in Uptown.

“Hello!” (in a Peewee Herman voice) — all the Watson girls, to the dismay of the men who call them part of their family.

“Oh man!” — All the Briefman videos.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” — Kristen, while grabbing my bah-dee in various areas while mimicking drunken Marcus.

I could go on for hours. But it’s amusing to think about…especially because everyone has their silly stuff.

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