How do you like your eggs?

by Rebecca A. Watson on October 26, 2007

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If you could have one last meal, what would it be? I’m not trying to be fatalistic or anything, but it’s a telling question!

Being that I enjoy almost any kind of food, this is going to be a rough one for me. Can I break it down into breakfast, lunch and dinner or is that cheating? I think it probably is because it’s one last meal right?

And how far can I go? Can I just say I’m really hungry and get one of everything I want? I think that’s against the rules too. Three course meal, fine. But no choosing random food…

OK here goes: calamari, wedge salad with bacon, tomato, blue cheese, filet mignon oscar style medium rare with asparagus side and au gratin potatoes, with a bottle of spicy zin or shiraz and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

(Ooohh but I really want pizza too!)

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