Sad songs

by Rebecca A. Watson on October 3, 2007

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Do people mourn the loss of the leaves on a tree the way they mourn other deaths? I know losing leaves doesn’t mean it’s dead, but there is sort of a temporary expiration going on, you know? The combination of gray rain streaming down the bus windows and red leaves falling to the ground was enough for me to tear up this afternoon. I am such a sap.

There are all these symbols and attitudes that go along with the seasons. Spring is rain, green grass, cute shoes and skin–which leads to summer: more skin, heat and pursuing everything delightful with reckless abandon. (Can you guess why it’s my favorite season?) Fall is a reality check of cool nights and school days. Winter is cold–cold weather, cold people–everyone keeping to themselves.

So maybe mourning the leaves falling is more like sadness for the end of casual conversation and friendly exchanges. We all shut ourselves up to hibernate. Not that I’m condemning that! Good lord, if you ever see me entertaining the notion of snowshoeing, slap me! But I wonder if there is a way to keep the coolness out of our exchanges.

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