I’ll take a Big Mac and a Diet Coke

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 6, 2007

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November 5, 2007 – Monday

Every night I take out my contacts and search blindly for my glasses. One would think that with my terrible vision and about 20 years of experience with contacts and glasses, I would change my behavior and find my glasses before I remove my little eyes. But I don’t and probably never will.

Why are there so many things we do that make no sense? We are creatures of habit indeed, but can’t we make our lives easier? A simple change in habit or schedule can make all the difference.
A girlfriend and I were talking about how your life can feel out of sorts with just the most simple of things: an unmade bed, laundry not folded. But sometimes you have to ignore all of those things and just take a nap. And there goes another behavior that makes little sense.

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