The name Black Friday is a bit dramatic, I think

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 25, 2007

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I try to get my ass out of bed every morning at 5 am (during the week) so I can get to the gym and work out. This involves me struggling with such complicated tasks as turning off the alarm, brushing my teeth and dressing. I don’t fully wake up until about 6, when I’m halfway through my workout. If I were to be asked to make any decisions, they would be made poorly. I don’t think I’m alone here.

Now consider the madness that ensues after Thanksgiving. People are rising at 3 am (wtf?!) and arriving at stores at 4am to spend their money! No wonder there are cat fights in the aisles over a sweater marked down 70%; no one is awake and they certainly shouldn’t be making decisions involving money with a million other people who are not yet coherent.

To top it off, many of these people had been drinking the day before so I would be willing to bet they could’ve used a few more hours sleep, a big breakfast and a nice quiet morning with a mindless movie. The biggest decision I will be making today is whether to watch another James Bond movie (mmm…a young Sean Connery) or Bad Boys (mmm…Will Smith). Now that sounds like a holiday!

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