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by Rebecca A. Watson on January 31, 2008

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January 30, 2008 – Wednesday

I have planned my baseball extravaganza! I can not wait and I almost started crying when I figured it all out. Yes, I know I am a complete nerd, but this is something I always have wanted to do. If anyone has any ideas, places to stay or a way to get tickets, please let me know! I am open to suggestions of places to see along the way as well.

The dates are still in flux as of now but here is my basic schedule:
August 15-17 — Twins vs. Seattle at the Metrodome
August 18-20 – Brewers vs. Houston at Miller Park
August 18-20 – White Sox vs. Seattle at U.S. Cellular Field
August 19-24 – Cubs vs. Cincinnati/Washington at Wrigley Field
August 19-21 – Indians vs. Kansas City at Jacobs Field
August 22-27 – Oriole vs. Yankees/White Sox at Oriole Park
August 22-27 – Phillies vs. Dodgers/Mets at Citizens Bank Park
August 26-31 – Yankees vs. Boston (I don’t know how I’m getting tickets yet, but I have my ways!) at Yankee Stadium
August 29-31 – Boston vs. White Sox at Fenway Park
(I wanted to go to Toronto here but no dice. They are in New York. I do want to see Niagara Falls. I know there isn’t much time.)
August 29-31 – Detroit vs. Kansas City at Comerica Park
September 1 – Back in Minneapolis!

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