No news is good news?

by Rebecca A. Watson on June 27, 2008

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Last week I read about a man with autism who was missing in the woods for a week . My heart ached for the family while they were looking for him. Their hope was beginning to wane and I began to expect the worst as I’m sure they were trying not to. (I’m the kind of person that can’t look at a missing pet poster or I might burst into tears.) Then came the news. They found him. He is alive.

And it was on the front page of our newspaper in Minneapolis. And I rejoiced. I can’t imagine the feeling it must have invoked in his family.

Read the article here:$urlTrackSectionName

How often is good news like that on the front page? I’ve spent my life wrestling with the choice of being informed or being jaded. It seems like the two have become impossible to separate. At least in my mind.

I’m looking for the good news in the newspaper. I might be hiding but I can’t believe it’s not there. And it might just be something amusing, like the state of North Carolina issuing thousands of license plates beginning the letters WTF. Now that’s something to make you smile.

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