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by Rebecca A. Watson on June 23, 2008

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June 22, 2008 – Sunday

Some things I did today:

-Bought a bike helmet that may or may not have a Disney character on it. And I like it.
-Threw out the gazpacho I made. Maybe cold soup isn’t such a good idea.
-Told a big dude to cool it at the gym when he impatiently asked me after every set if I was done with my machine…it’s Sunday man!

At one point I would have felt bad or said I was sorry about these things. No thanks. Not anymore.

I’m not sure if I grew up apologizing for everything I did or if it is a habit I picked up along the way, but I’ve decided to stop. Partially because I know a few people who do it and it makes me uncomfortable. But mostly because I think it’s a bad idea to be sorry all of the time.
Sometimes we’re not sure what we’re apologizing for, which is just plain stupid. Other times we’re not sorry and that makes us liars as well. And it takes away from the times when we truly are sorry because people don’t know whether we said it out of habit or if we actually mean it.
Whatever the case, it’s something that’s nice to be free of and it makes me wonder what other little habits we all have that put more weight on us than we realize.

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