A duh moment.

by Rebecca A. Watson on July 3, 2008

in control, life, work

In the last week I have kind of been wondering what it is I do all day. I mean, yes I deal with lawyers and paralegals and provide customer service and make affidavits of publication and do data work. But is this really what I’m doing all day?

And then I decided to quit one job, go back to school, realize life and control the only thing I can: myself and my choices. Within these few weeks I have been shown that doing what I really think is good for me will actually benefit me. Imagine that!

The opportunities that I’ve been presented with at work, at home and with friends may have always been there, but this abstract thought has finally made a point to me.

I take care of myself and suddenly I feel so much more at peace. God bless it!

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