Can you really get a pedicure with your guy friends?

by Rebecca A. Watson on August 17, 2008

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August 16, 2008 – Saturday

You know what is so sad is that so many of us women were brought up on a steady diet of Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. Maybe the former had a pretty lousy life before her prince charming, but she ran her house and really didn’t need a man. Just a better estate lawyer. And Ariel? Well she was just a dreamer. All that natural curiosity and all she wanted was to make out with a prince? I doubt it…they should have started that movie when she kissed Eric so that we could see what an amazing woman she became on land because she never stopped asking questions. She could have been a great writer or at the very least a life guard.

Why were so many girls shown that happily ever after is just the wedding and nothing after? Isn’t that when your life is supposed to begin? The falling is fun but the real shit begins after the fireworks finale.

Or maybe for a second we should consider what life would be like if all the women in this world realized they didn’t need men the way the once thought they did. I don’t mean that we don’t need them at all. I think that they can be wonderful friends and lovers if held at the right distance.

I think that women are the masters of giving great advice and very seldom following it for themselves. So where does that leave us? We tell each other how to be in a relationship, we tell each other to kick that man to the curb, we tell each other that we’ll be there, but so many of us won’t take it to heart. And the others say it half-heartedly.

But what about women friends? Who can you trust? I’ve heard if they aren’t trying to steal your clothes they’re trying to steal your man. And I guess maybe you can make a case for that. But if we kept our guard down a little bit and were completely honest instead of showing half our hand we could be so much more close. It’s true you need to give trust to get it.

Why do women work against each other when together we could easily rule the world? Of course I think evolutionarily it boils down to who is going to get the better man for breeding. But when you put it all down on paper, women have to be everything to everyone almost all the time. We have to be the career woman, amazing mom, sex goddess, dedicated athlete, accountant, gourmet chef, beauty queen and entertainer. And that’s just Monday. What about us? What about all of our passion and love for the world? Why wouldn’t we take more time to develop and cultivate in each other the things we all care for? I mean, c’mon ladies!

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