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by Rebecca A. Watson on August 31, 2008

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August 30, 2008 – Saturday

My life is full of outrageous characters and funny stories. My sister jumped on the bar of her cruise ship and belted out “The Star Spangled Banner” after a group of her friends were giving her a hard time about Americans not knowing their national anthem. My friend Johanna’s solution to vitamin deficiency is “Eat a fucking orange.” One of my bosses painted a compass on his floor and labeled the different directions: basement, kitchen, living room and wall.

But my curiosity is peaked by the events that don’t happen and the characters I don’t meet. I had this great idea to sun bathe at the fountain at the government center over my lunch break. It’s a fairly crowded downtown area with a lot of business professionals. What kind of stir would me stripping my business casual uniform in favor of more suitable attire for the weather create?

 Although I doubt I would really be breaking any laws, I most certainly would be asked to cover up at one point or another. Or maybe Big Brother would surprise me and it would go off without a hitch and I would get a savage tan on my lunch hour.

Here are just a few people I would like to get to know: the dude jogging while wearing the button-down shirt, the guy with a weight vest power walking, and the mid-30sish gentleman roller-skating in a prom dress and sweat bands. And this was all just around the lake. Imagine all the other characters out there.

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