Fitness begins in the brain

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 22, 2008

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Yesterday at the beach this dude was stretching for about 15 minutes before he went into the water to swim. Of course I was checking him out. He looked pretty serious about his craft. He got into the water and started the front crawl–his arms were flailing about and his head was completely out of the water swaying around like a small child lost at a mall. It was ridiculous. And hilarious.

Today two dudes in their underwear ran by us on the beach. One with an orange sweatband on his head, the other with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Both were a bit out of shape. Pretty sure it was done as a dare.

What this really brought to my attention is that many people might look serious at first glance about something (in this case fitness) but after considering them further really they don’t have the discipline or love to give it the attention it deserves.

While I enjoy the feeling of getting a lot of things accomplished at once, I think that multitasking might be bad on some levels. Nothing gets the love and attention it deserves–kind of like talking on the phone to someone who is watching TV or surfing the web. I baked bread tonight and gave it all my attention and love. It tastes fantastic. I think more of life would taste wonderful if we exercised discipline and gave it the care it needs.

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