I still consult my ethics textbooks from freshman year

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 14, 2008

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September 13, 2008 – Saturday

I have a new stylist. It was a big deal to find her. I went to three other ones before I stumbled upon her almost literally on my morning walk. It only took a year and a half after my sister moved.

A lot of people spend more time concerning themselves with who does their hair than their doctor. Did you ever stop and think about how weird it would be if you applied the logistics of health insurance to other things in your life?

“I really would like to cut my hair/take a shower/make some dinner but I don’t have insurance. I’m not really sure how much it would cost but I know it must be terribly expensive because these people with fancy degrees on the wall keep telling me it is.”

Who decided health should be a commodity? People have become so greedy that they are assaulting me on the beach with their guerilla marketing. What makes me so angry is how intimidating the whole “health” world is. I love to bike and really enjoy talking to people about it but there are so many elitists that don’t want to share it. The same goes for veggies. Why wouldn’t you want to make these things more attractive to everyone? Why are we keeping this such a secret? The most good for the most people, right?
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