What kind of movie do you want to star in?

by Rebecca A. Watson on December 6, 2008

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Moving sucks. Helping someone move sucks too, but it’s the only way they’ll help you move when you inevitably will have to endure the unfortunate adventure. But on this particular day, it wasn’t such a mundane experience. A friend and I were driving in a giant moving truck down 35W at night when we saw lights flashing on the side of the road. She started to move over and slow down, when bam! We hit a couch in the middle of the road.

My friend’s reaction was pretty natural…”I did the right thing right?!?” But really? A couch in the middle of the highway? Who saw that coming?

Later on in the evening we were driving down 94W to return me home and in the distance we saw a semi in front of us with its doors swinging wide open and no cargo in the back. And it was still barreling down the road at 55 mph. We were about to drive past the driver and flag him down when I noticed the bio hazard diamond on the side of the truck. Do I need to repeat that there was no cargo?

This all happened October 1. But it wasn’t until I played Halo this weekend (I know – I played video games?) that these events came back to the front of my consciousness. Doesn’t this remind you of something you would see in Resident Evil? I think so. And I’m sure these sort of things happen a lot more often than just once in a while. I just haven’t been looking for them.

Many things are like that: hidden until you look for them. Life is what you make of it, after all.

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