Wind chill wars: Minnesota vs. the North Pole

by Rebecca A. Watson on January 16, 2009

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Reasons I love the -30 degrees in Minneapolis:

  • I saw a grown man dressed in a green and purple snow suit…on his way to work.
  • Bicyclists were riding down the street with ski goggles on.
  • My neighbors and I pushed my girlfriend’s car back into its parking spot after it was too cold to take a jump!
  • My boss actually said the phrase “Now I’m an idiot, but at least I wear a hat.”
  • Seeing the weather in Washington D.C. at 20 degrees and thinking, “Hey! Springtime! It’s a tropical vacation!”
  • After “skiing” at Buck Hill, my friend made me feel her cold ass…it was all red and freezing! This was after 45 minutes of driving in a car with heated seats! Insane! (Isn’t that where you stay the warmest? In the fatty part of your body? Biology is a myth.)
  • The coffee at work suddenly tastes delicious…at least it’s warm.
  • My coworker had to have her husband bring her pants to work because she forgot to put them on under her ski pants.
  • I get to wear all of my scarves at once. It’s like a true fashion show. All at once!
  • The sun is soooo bright and beautiful. It looks as though I could spend the day at the beach. But it is a yellow f*cking lie!!
  • Bragging rights…when I finally move somewhere warmer I’ll always be one of those annoying people who says “You think this is cold…”

God bless Minnesota. It gives me a chance to test my optimism when even when it’s suffering from frostbite.

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