I’d like to return the box you’ve put me in

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 13, 2009

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Normally celebrity gossip makes me a little ill. But I was forced to watch this whole Joaquin Phoenix interview on Letterman at work today. And by forced, I mean literally my supervisor said, “B, come watch this.”

There were a few different reactions to Joaquin Phoenix’s behavior in our office (there were several people who found this newsworthy–I work in a newsroom). Most of them had something to do with a guess as to what drugs he was on or what mood disorder had suddenly surfaced in him. All I could discern was that he didn’t want to talk a lot at that particular time, which was too bad for him considering he was being interviewed on national television.

(On a somewhat related note: The man’s name is phoenix. Death and rebirth are part of the bird’s very essence!)

When someone makes a change in their life, many people have something to say about it. What’s unfortunate is that many times the things that people say are critical and are based in assumption. These judgments are unfair and most times unsolicited.

Change is hard enough without someone saying how you (in their opinion) have fucked up or are going to fuck up. A few of us are blessed to have great support systems to help us maneuver through our journey. But I would say that the majority of us deal with the former more than the latter. It’s too bad.

I guess maybe too many people have decided their lives are perfect or too far gone for improvement and so they turn to someone else. Reserving judgment isn’t an easy task and no one is perfect, but I think in this case we’ve all heard what I’m trying to say: If we can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.

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