Talkie, talkie, talkie…no more talkie.

by Rebecca A. Watson on March 8, 2009

in attention, habits, perception

I was in CVS with a friend and we saw some Real Cheese Flavored Puffs. We were laughing trying to decide if they were real cheese or if they tasted like real cheese flavor. This morning I noticed my peanut butter was labeled with Natural Fresh Roasted Peanut Taste. My question was similar to the one above: is it natural peanut butter or just natural peanut taste?

Paying attention is a skill. People talk a lot. Some of them are just running their mouths, but I think it’s still important to listen to their words. Most people will tell you what they mean, who they are, and their intentions. Many times their sentences will be phrased like the ones above, leaving the listener to question their true meaning.

The coolest thing is talking with someone who isn’t just talking to hear the sound of their own voice–one of those people who chooses their words carefully and thinks for a minute when asked a question. I like the slower conversation–the pauses in between are like rests in a melody: necessary and helpful to build anticipation.

Those people might still make comments about their real cheese flavor but offer a chance to think about it and question it during the conversation instead of two weeks later while eating your toast at breakfast. Bless them–they are a rare breed.

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