Good girlfriends–every woman deserves them

by Rebecca A. Watson on April 12, 2009

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I’ve been watching PBS lately. I’m not the biggest fan of television, but I think that if it’s not on a few hours a week I’m missing out on something. I’ve learned that volcanoes in Hawaii sing songs in tones lower than audible to the human ear, and if you want to make salmon burgers that aren’t too dry add some mushrooms and onions to them.

This morning there was a program about mothers exposing their “dark side” online, namely that they are still sexual, they sometimes don’t like their children and wonder why they became moms to begin with. Some women feel like online blogs and chat rooms are a good place to do this because they are anonymous and they feel like they aren’t being judged.

While I agree that that the Internet is a great place to sound off and be anonymous, I am sad that some mothers don’t have friends they can turn to in situations like these. Of course I’m not speaking from experience, but I’m sure that all of those feelings are common ones among mothers. Some women say they lose all their friends when they become a mother. I say, they weren’t good enough friends to begin with if they can’t stick by you in a time of extreme change.

Women have made great strides in the past 100 years. We can vote, own land, get divorced with minimal public scrutiny, be single or childless and not be accused of witchcraft or thrown in an asylum (most times), work in most occupations, and run for public office. I think the greatest challenge feminism has in this new era is learning how to work together as women.

I know many women who say they get along better with males than females. I’m one of them. However, in the past year I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some really great women. I spend most of my time with my women friends and have never felt to uplifted and on top of the world. When women come together and support each other in a nonjudgmental way, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

My challenge to myself and other females is this: support each other. Work with each other instead of against each other. Let’s quit judging (or try to). No one is perfect or should they be. The world would be pretty boring if that were the case.

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