Is that the best your brain could come up with?

by Rebecca A. Watson on May 3, 2009

in capitalism, facade

There is a website where one can rent designer purses, jewelry, watches and sunglasses. Apparently I’m a little behind in the times, because this has been going on for sometime, as my friend pointed out. Now I have enough problems with the whole designer bag phenomenon as it is, but I’m trying to see other points of view: you own it forever and they tend to be good quality, etc. But renting one?

Who are you trying to impress? Because I can only see that side when it comes to renting Gucci or Louis Vuitton for between $40 and $400 a month. You care far too much about the facade — about what people are saying about you.

I’m thinking about starting my own business: rent a personality. I can create a truly amazing life for you with my incredible imagination. I can give you silly quirks, interesting anecdotes, mental illnesses (that shouldn’t be too tough) and diverse musical taste. What about a crippling fear of Styrofoam? Oh sure, that too.

The sad thing about my business is that it would require so much work for my customers to acquire their personalities that they would be better off just doing it themselves. But people don’t like to do work. People want things handed to them, which is why they’re depending on credit for the gas to drive their financed BMW while sporting rented Ray Bans. And still they want more. And still they are unhappy.

Now normally I try to keep my blog pretty optimistic. But what’s the sense of having your own blog if you can’t rant on occasion? It’s just tragic that people think they have to be a certain way.

I’m not saying I have the answers to how everyone should live, but if human beings didn’t care so much about what their possessions said about them, the Earth might be a more interesting place. But then again, maybe keeping the masses chasing shit they don’t need keeps them out of the way for the real visionaries and prophets.

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