The barter system works for more than just goods and services: Let’s trade ideas!

by Rebecca A. Watson on July 31, 2009

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Yesterday my roommate came in with an armful of avocados from our neighbor’s tree. Last week another neighbor stopped by with a basket of strawberries. This is pretty much the standard around here. We all have an excess of some vegetable or fruit and we just trade. I’m pretty much in love with it, mostly because it seems so much more natural than going to buy these things from a store.

I knew this area was a big growing community. One of the biggest berry suppliers in the country is here. The strawberry festival is this weekend. The thing is, I think this land isn’t just about growing food. I knew that moving was going to be a giant adventure and, at times, difficult. But this soil is just encouraging me to grow.

Of course, being Rebecca, I have to pick this apart. I wonder, how do we grow when we’re aware we should be growing? It’s always easier to look back at a time and say, “Wow, I really grew from that experience.” But what about living in the moment and trying to grow in the moment?

I spend time everyday writing, reading, working out, job searching, meditating, cooking, and trying to learn something new. Yet I wonder if this is really what helps me grow. I feel like these are all things I have been doing for awhile. Is it possible to try to grow mentally and spiritually? Or is this something that comes out of all the actions and brain activities during a point in our lives?

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