I counted 21 blessings in less than an hour

by Rebecca A. Watson on August 13, 2009

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On Tuesday my girlfriend called me excitedly to tell me about the meteor shower that was happening that evening. She knew I was having a rough day (what’s with Tuesday’s anyway?) and thought This would definitely make her Tuesday. She was right.

Unfortunately for me, my new locale tends to haze up in the evenings. I looked out at the sky in vain; the clouds had rolled in. I tried to be optimistic: I can still feel the good energy raining down on me from the Universe. But oh how I wished I could see the magnificent display!
Wednesday night my roommate had had enough of looking at a screen, so we opted to sit outside and drink some beer instead of watching a movie. What a great idea. I saw 21 shooting stars. He saw 25. We were comparing: was No. 18 as good as No. 15? It was a beautiful evening.
I saw on the news today that the meteor shower can be witnessed for the entire week. This was after I decided to just be happy with the energy passing my way, not be sad about not seeing it, and got an unexpected surprise.
Life is like that a lot. Many times we give up on something or become negative about life because it’s not handed to us exactly the way we thought it should be or expected it. But so many of life’s blessings are not given to us wrapped up the pretty paper we want them to be.
There are so many cliches that encourage us to see how beautiful life is. Carpe diem! Live life to the fullest! Live every day like it’s your last! Being a journalist, I tend to avoid these. But I think there’s a reason they are cliches: They’re true, and the people that believe them really believe in them.

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