What would you eat for a last meal?

by Rebecca A. Watson on October 12, 2009

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There are certain questions I like to ask that I feel tell a lot about someone:

–How do you like your eggs?
–If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
–Do you have a criminal record?

These questions don’t have a right or wrong answer. They’re just telling, y’know? And this weekend I was speaking to some people about my adventures of late, and I realized, I basically answered the question “What would you take to a deserted island?” Oh, and here’s a picture of my answer.

Watermelon (for hydration, of course!), my bread, wine (man can not live on bread alone), Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, and well, a cigarette. (I know, I know. Dammit!)

Most of us really don’t need much. In fact, I like to remind myself that I don’t need anything. But oxygen is good. And I really do dig sunshine. And I’ll begrudgingly admit that gravity has its benefits. Maybe the things we need are what we cannot capture.

Laughter, happiness and love are the oxygen, sunshine and gravity of our lives. They’re impossible to capture, and the science behind them is mind-blowing. So, although I really like my cigarettes, booze and literature, I’m certain I could make it on a deserted island as long as I had some good company.

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