Among other things, I’m thankful for my toothbrush

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 26, 2009

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My girlfriend from Norway has been lamenting the fact that she isn’t able to enjoy American Thanksgiving this year. My friend Iain from Wales said I am the first person he has ever wished a happy Thanksgiving to.

Eating dinner at our house are four people from California, two people from the East Coast and one sweet midwestern girl. (Guess who that is? Yes, I made casserole and lefse. I thought you would never ask.)

Although Thanksgiving is truly an American holiday, it brings up something that everyone can relate to, regardless of their background: Gratitude. What are we thankful for? I like to think that I spend every day giving thanks for what I have, but I’m sure there are things I take for granted.

In the newspaper industry, we were encouraged to think of new and different ways to cover the same things that happen year after year. And I have thought about writing something different, but really, isn’t Thanksgiving about revisiting what you’re grateful for? So without further ado, here is my list (in no real particular order):

Love, Sun, Luna, Earth, Dreams, Clean running water, Electricity, Fuel for cooking, Food in/and my refrigerator, Pilates, My room, My 6 senses, Moving to California, the Pacific, Trees, Books, Cooking, Wine and beer (Oh who are we kidding? Hard alcohol too.), Sex, The Universe, My blog, Traveling, Truth, Health, Floss, Indoor Plumbing, My bicycle, The beach, Rain, Shooting stars, Music, Internet, My closet, Margarita Meetings and My job
And while all of those things are great, they wouldn’t mean too much without these people:

Sante, Johanna, Bryan, Iain, Kangbao, Nicole, Jennifer, Jean, Sophia, Okon, Justine, and Julie. Oh, and my mom. Duh.
Last year on Thanksgiving. I love these women!

Happy Thanksgiving! May your belly be full, your weekend seem long, and your football team win.

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