Gangsta For Life (G4L)!

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 20, 2009

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I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop and Top 40 bullshit lately. Some people have reality TV, others trashy romance novels — my guilty pleasure is terribly bad music. Or at least it is terribly bad to the music fascists out there. It makes me happy. So really, what’s wrong with that?

My roommate and I were listening to the radio in the car last night and Rihanna’s new song Hard was playing. I commented that she was on Def Jam now and had to get some street cred. Read: Pop/Rap song with Young Jeezy.

Oh dear lord. Can you believe how ridiculous it is that I know this? (BTW: Check out the song. I really like it.)

I started thinking about how silly real life would be if we all acted like hip hop artists:

I stayed up partying past midnight last weekend. We were drinking Sierra Nevada and sauteing shrimp for dinner. Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm we rented from NetFlix: Larry David is a genius. I’m not scared to laugh.

I caught the 71 from Aptos to Watsonville. It runs once an hour. Some of the drivers know me. I look so fly walking to the bus stop that cars driving by honk and people wave. I wave back. Yeah, I know I rule.

During the week I kick it at Smith Micro Software. I’m always writing the coolest shit so people will want to buy our software. Other software companies are wishing they had our products. Their marketers would kill for my skills.

After work I’m hitting up Target for some Clear Care contact solution and Crest Whitening Toothpaste. You don’t wanna question my hygiene. I’ll shower once, maybe twice, a day. But I’m not washing my hair that often. Don’t get it twisted.

I don’t always ride the bus. Sometimes I walk. I can walk for miles. I walk 3 miles every day. Up hills and shit. That’s how tough I am. Once in a while I ride in my roommate’s Ford Focus. Or my boyfriend’s Toyota Tundra. I don’t know if it has sweet rims or anything, but I would bet it does. He doesn’t play.

And that was just this past week! I gotta say, I feel pretty hard. And awesome. Don’t hate. Give it a try. You just might find out you’re extraordinary.

P.S. Rihanna’s new look is really hot. And I am going to shamelessly promote her and her new album, which kicks ass and is being released November 23.

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