Seeking similarities in a sunless situation

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 3, 2009

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In the last few days I have been trying desperately to shake jet lag. The fact that I am up writing at 2 am would lead me to believe that I’ve done a terrible job of it. But hey! Because of the time difference I am just having a bit more trouble assimilating to life in Scandinavia.

When I travel, I often look for the differences between what I am accustomed to and what other cultures and countries are used to. The Norwegians shower on the bathroom floor here–the drains are all over the bathroom! The Swedish have a two “mealish” events: one that is all about sweets and happiness and another that is more of a mini meal. You can imagine I am a fan of both.

Happiness is a vegan fruit tart.

This afternoon my girlfriend and I were discussing that looking for the differences might not be the right way to go about things. I mean, we’re all creatures of habit are we not? Perhaps we should be looking for similarities so that we can be more comfortable when we’re struggling to find our place in new surroundings.

Don’t we all experience joy and heartache? Don’t we all bleed? Don’t we feel cold and dress accordingly? (This is definitely one I am relearning on my vacation in the Nordic world.)

As the world gets smaller thanks to advances in communication and travel, there is more of a need to assimilate more quickly to different environments. Maybe noticing what we have in common as humans will make that easier. Maybe it will help my jet lag. Maybe it’s all just wishful thinking, but be careful what you wish for … world peace may be just around the corner!

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