Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday

by Rebecca A. Watson on November 5, 2009

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My flight to Oslo was on Swiss Air. I’m a fan. The flight attendants were friendly, I only waited for the bathroom once, wine was free, and the food was decent. Although it was airline food, it was served with real silverware. For some reason, that made it for me. Serve me tasteless pasta and I’ll be disappointed, but give it to me with a silver fork and I can’t stop raving about it!

My friend and I were talking last night about how  it’s the little things that make life so great. I brought up the silverware. She talked about the stranger on the street who complimented her hat. She said that if we paid more attention to the small stuff, the big stuff would hardly matter.
I agree. I have a white board in my room that I see every morning when I wake up. It lists all the things I can think of to be thankful for. Inevitably it has the big things like my room and food — things on the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. However, most of what is on there are things like wine, friends, pilates, trees, stars, and (of course) my blog.
I have had all sorts of experiences in the past week or so that I am thankful for. And since I don’t have my white board, I figured my blog would do just fine.
My friend and her family have had me in their home for the past week; there has been fresh fruit, homemade bread, more cheese (or ost in Norsk) than you can shake a stick at, and all the coffee, water and wine I could want. I truly thank them for their hospitality. I feel like part of the family.
My dear friend in Oslo picked me up at the airport, booked a train for himself and me to Trondheim, and will take a day off from work to show me around the city next week. I am so blessed to have met him through a church celebration of Norway’s independence in Minneapolis. Yeah, I know. That’s the Universe having a sense of humor right there.
The weather in Trondheim reminds me of Minneapolis around this time. Cold, windy and just a bit damp. Very fall. Very crisp. Thank you to Trondheim for confirming that I made the right decision by moving to California. Although it could get this cold where I live now, it won’t get colder (like it will in my former post) and for that I am truly thankful!
Some people say the devil is in the details. I tend to disagree. Don’t sweat the small stuff? I don’t know about that, but then I don’t sweat much of anything. The little things in life are what we really remember. They stick out in our brain for years. If there isn’t toilet paper in a restaurant, I would be willing to bet we remember that longer than what we ordered for dinner. 
In the spirit of the little things, I would like to say thank you to everyone in my life that I know and to those I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet for making it so amazing. I love you all! 

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