Astigmatisms can’t be blamed for lack of perspective

by Rebecca A. Watson on January 14, 2010

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Today I was tasked with inspiring my team at work. I introduced them to Littlewood’s Law, which basically applies a little math to my idealistic attitude. I thought it was pretty good. What I didn’t expect was for them to come up with a few of their own thoughts about it that blew my optimism out of the water. Bonus!

Last night my boyfriend gave me some constructive criticism and I actually listened. (What? I’m not perfect?!? This came as a shock to me as well.)

I’ve always said that I want to surround myself with people that make me want to be a better person. But I guess I’ve never really fully considered what that means. Wanting to be a better person is one thing. Becoming a better person is another. It involves admitting that others might know more than me and then changing to see their point of view. Or to at least consider it.

These things are uncomfortable and scary. All of this reminds me of a moment in As Good As It Gets.


I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone who is in my life in big and small ways. You make me want to be a better woman. And damn, I know it’s hard because I’m stubborn and arrogant!
In turn, I encourage people to speak their minds and keep their perspectives. No one person thinks in the same way, and you never know whose life or heart you will touch with your thoughts.

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