Hope in all the right places

by Rebecca A. Watson on January 8, 2010

in blessings, goals, optimism

I have a very strange fear of dying of dehydration. Most of the time this works out to my advantage, because I drink a lot of water and eat tons of fruits and veggies to stave off said death. But once in a while I have to face that fear. And this week I am: I’ve gone to the desert. Las Vegas to be exact.

Las Vegas Strip - for scale

Those who know me know that I’ve sworn off this place. I’ve been here several times, and it’s not really my scene now. Alas, there is a trade show here, and I want to be involved. So here I am. Again.
Once I got here I knew tons of old memories would come flooding back. And I was right. But they weren’t the memories I expected. I’ve been struck by how great of a job I’m doing at life.
The last time I was here I had just turned 27 and swore to myself that I was going to do all those things I had set out to do in life. People say that all the time, but dammit! I was going to do it. I was about two months into it and honestly thought I wasn’t doing too bad.
I wanted to get paid to write then. At the time I worked at a job I hated and didn’t do much writing beyond emails. These days, most of my job is writing, and I even get to play on Twitter and Facebook.
I wanted to be in better shape so I joined a gym and worked out a few days a week. The weekend I was in Vegas in 2007 I certainly wasn’t going to work out! This was Vegas for god’s sake! Now this week I packed my workout clothes without even thinking about it.
I lived in Minnesota, the state I grew up in. No way in hell I was going to continue to spend the rest of my life living there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place, but have you checked the weather lately? No thank you! I can’t complain too much about the weather in California…because it’s CALIFORNIA! Oh, and I call it home now. Sick!
I started blogging then, and I tried really hard to update regularly. But months would go by and nothing would be posted. Lately my posts have been weekly and usually on the same day. (OK, OK I am a few days late this week, but c’mon it’s Vegas!)
The few days I have been in the desert has been nothing but encouraging. And at the beginning of the year, with new goals in mind, I think most people could use the encouragement.
So in that spirit, I encourage everyone who has begun a journey, big or small, to look for the positive influence in something they may not have considered, whether it be that person who never has anything good to say or a place with nothing but difficult memories. You may be surprised at what you encounter.

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