Life’s expensive when you don’t pay attention

by Rebecca A. Watson on August 23, 2011

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Up until about two months ago, the only organic food I bought was produce, unless it was on sale. Then I realized that organic food doesn’t just help me, it helps all life on this planet. Be the change, right?

So I’m making this recipe that calls for frozen spinach the other day and I naturally pick up the one labeled organic and throw it in my cart. I get all the way home and see that yes, it is organic … but it is grown in China.

map distance from china to california 15,000 kilometers

37 days of "driving"

Somehow I think the benefits of growing the plant organically are offset by the voyage it makes across the sea. Well, I’m embarrassed.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and if I believed in hell, I guess I could believe that. But I think this is more of a situation where I did one thing because it’s my habit. I did it without paying attention. But even the best habits can be taken too far and turn on us when we we’re not being mindful.

The Dangers of Exercising Too Much?

We might exercise past the point that’s healthy and hurt ourselves when our bodies are telling us to slow down. The every-day walk through the woods might be nice, but the path-less-traveled leads to a beautiful lake offering more serenity than we’d ever experienced in the trees. We might eat fruit everyday because it’s a habit and lose out on the vital nutrients our bodies are craving (needing) that a saltier snack would provide.


Kale and other leafy greens do wonders for salt cravings. Yum!

Paying attention, being mindful, not only keeps us out of those ruts, but it’s also a great anxiety reliever. If you truly live in the moment, there is no need to worry about what comes next or what we could have done better earlier that day.  (And if you believe in hell, who knows? It could keep you outta there too.)

I’ve been working hard to stay present and not buy any more organic food shipped across the ocean, among other things. What about you? What are you paying attention to?

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