What kind of lives do you want to live?

by Rebecca A. Watson on September 11, 2011

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Somewhere inside of me is a librarian, dying to get out. I love libraries: I patronize my local one at least a few times a month, have made donations to the small one in my favorite little town, and visit them whenever I’m on vacation.

rebecca vancouver public library

There’s a statistic I’ve heard often that says something like people have an average of seven careers in a lifetime, but after checking that out via the interwebs, it appears it’s more of an urban legend than anything.

The reason I bring this up isn’t because I’ve already had a few careers in my short lifetime (I think waitress to journalist to marketer to writer is a pretty reasonable transition), but because I have so many careers I would like to have, like as a librarian (which incidentally, is the reason I went to journalism school in the first place).

This never really dawned on me until I started my journey through The Artist’s Way, which has led me into some interesting places. One of the exercises I’m doing is creating a running list of all the different lives I’d like to have. Although it doesn’t explicitly say it, I guess I read this as different careers.

So far, this is what I’ve come up with.

  1. Librarian. See above. Did you know this requires a master’s degree? Yeah, hence the bachelor’s in journalism.
  2. Medicine woman. After discovering the wonders of St. John’s Wort, I’m thoroughly convinced that humanity’s problems could be solved with the proper relationship with plants.
  3. Model. My Twitter pic. My Facebook profile pic. All the photos of me on my blog. It’s only fair to admit that I love being photographed, and I think many of those photos are pretty damn good. Of course, one must give credit to the photographers as well.

    jojjo and rebecca model pic

    Some of the best pictures of me were taken by my dear friend Johanna (right).

  4. Singer. I love to sing. Crank it up in the car or while I’m working out. I’m so about it. And I’ll belt it out at a karaoke bar. I’d love to be the front woman of a band, even for just one night.
  5. Dancer. How can you sing without dancing? Whether I’m good at this or not is up open for interpretation. But an hip-hop dance class just may be in my future.
  6. Radio D.J. At first I thought I could be a radio journalist, but that just doesn’t seem like any fun, which is what being a radio D.J. (in my mind) is all about. I’m sure it can be a pain to get up at 4 a.m. if you’re on the morning shift, but hey! You’re working with music!
  7. Gardener. Technically I’m already a gardener, but I’m thinking more like a farmer maybe. The kind that eats only what she grows, you know? And now that I live on the central coast, it’s definitely in my future. Just need more land!
  8. Newspaper columnist. I realize that this is kind of in my field and I do write a blog, but it would be cool to write a column for an alternative newspaper. I even wrote to Rob Breszny (who got his start at Good Times in Santa Cruz) about how to get started. More on this later.
  9. Storm chaser. When I was 21, I stood in a field as a funnel cloud formed in front of me. The screams of my friends brought me out of my trance and into the basement like a rational human. Still, I’ve never been accused of being all that rational and Mother Nature and I are tight, so yes: storm chaser.

    Lightning 02

  10. First amendment lawyer. One of the reasons democracy exists is because of this amendment. That’s why it’s the first. I’m a fierce believer in it (even when it protects those I disagree with). I’d love to help defend it.
  11. Therapist. Going through change is tough, but totally worth it. Helping other people go through it would be rad.
  12. Guidance counselor. I’m an Aries, so a fresh start is always very appealing to me (which is why I have to work so hard to follow through). Talking to kids about their fresh start, inspiring them to follow their dreams, would just be so exciting.
  13. Community college writing teacher. I’m a firm believer that anyone can be a good writer with the right editor and teacher.
  14. Grocery store clerk. I think it would be fascinating to see what people buy everyday. It’s the voyeur in me. It’s like a little peak into their life.
I guess not all of these are “lives” per se. Being a front woman for a band might involve changing my entire life, but I could always take a class here and there to get my teaching license. And I’m pretty sure you can book a tour to storm chase.
I think the idea of this exercise is to try new things and see that anything is possible, right? I’ve already got a photo shoot set up with Sante, the sexy man who took the photo on my about page. That makes me a model, right?
Life is all about possibilities, and when you’re open to them all, that’s when dreams come true. What about you? What other jobs/lives do you want to have? What can you do to make them a reality?

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