Five bigs and bests in 2011

by Rebecca A. Watson on December 31, 2011

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As a journalist, I’ve been trained to never use definite declarations, like “This is the best album of 2011,” because how can I possibly know that? I haven’t heard every album made in 2011.

In order to escape this conundrum, journalists often times use the phrase one of the: one of the best wines, one of the worst movies, etc. etc. For some reason this doesn’t seem to apply to end of the year lists, and so, I’m going to take great liberties with mine.

2011 was a big year. Here are a few things that have stuck with me:

Biggest realization

buying organic isn't just about my health, it's about the health of the whole planet


Biggest Accomplishment

raw social media marketing


Working full time on my business. Scary? Yes. I can be a bitch of a boss. But seriously, it’s my American dream.

Best Book I’ve Read

the artists way julia cameron


If you’re looking for something to help you get in touch with what your soul really wants, I recommend spending some time with this book.

Best Habit I Established

habit journaling composting

It's a tie between daily journaling and composting.

Biggest Inspiration

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. ... Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Steve Jobs

Part of me can’t believe I was so influenced by this man, what with my nomadic nature and Buddhist attitude toward things, but the other part of me (namely the artist/tech geek) would say Steve Jobs made me believe in practical magic.

I’m thankful for everything 2011 brought and took away. I’m looking forward to banner year for us all in 2012. Happy new year!

Photo credits: Franz88

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